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The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Resources

61 Resources To Help You Get The Most Out Of Email Marketing. ESP's, Tools, Facebook Groups, Training and More.

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ActiveCampaign Vs Convertkit: Comparing 2 Of the Best Marketing Automation Tools

Comparing Marketing Automation services or Email Service provider scan be an intimidating task. There are many services out there. How do you choose what’s right for your business? The first thing to do is not let yourself get too overwhelmed. While it can be a hassle to switch mailing list providers, it’s always something you…

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Convertkit Review

The battle to become the best email marketing automation solutions rages on. It's tougher than ever for companies to stand out in this vertical unless they have specific features that customers crave. ConvertKit takes a different approach than competitors. As their name implies, they focus on conversions. That's vital for affiliate marketers, who need to…


4 Email Automations Every Marketer Should Use

Most email marketers are content with adding subscribers to a list then sending them an email once a week.  Some even go as far as to add them to an email sequence that sends 7 or so pre-written emails over a several day. But there is so much more that you can do! Forget Email Marketing and…

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Activecampaign Review 2019

Introduction to ActiveCampaign I've been a long term user and advocate of Activecampaign for many years, depending on your needs Activecampaign can often be the perfect ESP. If you want to grow your list and automate most of the tasks then AC is work serious consideration. If you just want to send the occasional email…